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    Foreign nationals soon to loose 12,000 acres of enemy properties in India

    Properties belonging to foreign nationals who have migrated to Pakistan and China during the India-Pakistan Partition, will no longer have rights to claim their properties left behind in India also known as enemy properties in India following the amendment of the 49-year-old law that has been protecting these properties. [original source, full article] The Indian […]

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    Why Rohingya Muslims must be deported from India

    Defence news: In the early hours of August 25, around 150 men armed with machetes, bombs and other weapons launched coordinated attacks on 24 police camps and an army base in Myanmar’s Rakhine state. The night left 71 dead. It also announced to the world the coming of age of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, […]

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    India’s IL-78 Fleet Rusting Away Hangar-Less Since 2003, Says Auditor

    Defence News: Mismanagement related to IL-78 refueling aircraft has come to light recently, Six air tankers had been procured by IAF and they have not had their share of a shady parking. As a result, the aircraft condition is deteriorating. This is not desirable especially when India uses aircraft well beyond their service life and […]

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    India Pakistan border to be ‘smart fenced’ by March 2018: BSF chief

    Defence News: Sealing borders with Pakistan is on India’s target by 2018 according to BSF Chief K K Sharma has said. Current fencing is surely helping reduce infiltration, without which we could not have imagined how many militants would sneak in undetected. However it has it’s own limitations, hence a smart fence with complete sensor […]

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    Angering India would kill Belt and Road Initiative; Chinese experts caution Beijing

    Defence News: Chinese experts have spoken honestly for the first time. There seems to be some relaxation from the State as it’s highly unusual for someone to speak their mind in China. Everything is State controlled. Yet experts have warned China that angering India would hurt OBOR so badly, China will loose big business and […]

  • Defence News: Arun jaitley, the Hon'anble Defence minister of India


    Military key to super power status: Arun Jaitley

    Defence News: Realizing the fact that military power is the key to ambitions of any nation, defence minister Arun Jaitley has said it right “Though all the aspects of power constitute a super power, the military power is a key to a nation’s rise to great or Super Power status,”. India continued to slumber on […]

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    How China ‘friendship’ highway is killing Pakistani businessmen’s dreams

    Defence News: OK, this is no secret. Wherever China has been accepted as a major business partner, that economy has tanked in terms of productivity, innovation and entrepreneurship. China’s highly subsidized production at home and dumping expertise leads to disasters in other countries. Here is a news report by Economic times that tells the horror […]

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    India can construct Kishanganga, Ratle projects: Pakistan Stunned

    Defence news: Looks like Pakistan has got another lesson in it’s quest to “confront India” for any matter, reasonable or not. The World bank has supported India in it’s projects to build two key hydro power projects. It’s time India starts to take its fair share of waters that it had so generously given to […]

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    China and it’s game

    Defence News: Ok, this is ironic, China which just banned religion for it’s 90 million members of communist party claims that India is edging towards war due to “religious nationalism”. It’s full time propaganda machine is pumping up the media in churning out desperate news articles and editorials calling the Modi govt. incapable of controlling […]

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    3 militants killed while locals throw stones

    Defence News: Three militants met their well deserved fate on Saturday when Special operation group of J&K police along with army were full steam ahead with their operation in south kashmir’s tral area. The operation is ongoing and more militants are expected to die. The militants belonging to Jaish-e-Mohammad, were planning an attack on the […]

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    Tri-National Tri-Carrier Naval exercise Strong message to the world

    India, America and Japan kick started Naval exercise Malabar in Indian ocean today. All this while Chinese navy makes renewed efforts to expand its naval reach in the area. The three nations deployed their most potent, top tonnage warships in the waters. USS Nimitz, the world’s largest aircraft carrier, Indian Navy’s  INS Vikramaditya, and Japan’s […]

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    Upgrades that will place Sukhoi beyond Pakistan and China’s A2A abilities

    Defence News: We talked about super Sukhoi program some time ago, wishing AESA comes on board the deadly platform. Now that seems to be closer to the board with indications that the Sukhoi 30MKI of IAF may get AESA along with long range missile, most probably the Meteor. Meteor is coming to India with the […]

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    Gripen-E version flies for the first time

    Defence News: Gripen E took to the skies for the first time from Saab’s Linkoping production facility on June 15th. According to janes; “The flight lasted for 40 minutes, during which the pilot “carried out a number of actions to demonstrate various test criteria including the retracting and extending of the landing gear,” Saab said, […]

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    limited trials of F-16, Saab Gripen for IAF

    Defence News: IAF will soon be checking out revised and upgraded F-16 and Gripen jet fighters for making a final choice for it’s latest make in India single engine fighter procurement. The deal, seen essential in filling up squadron shortages should see rise in IAF fighting numbers to counter threats in both east and west. […]

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    13 terrorists gunned down in last 4 days

    Defence News: The Indian Army has gunned down 13 terrorists since last 4 days. Army foiled four infiltration bids in row and on Saturday killed a militant along the Line of Control (LoC) in Gurez sector of Jammu and Kashmir. With this action, the toll among the infiltrating militants during past four days has risen to […]

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    3 terrorists killed, 1 officer and 1 civilian loose life in Nagaland encounter

    Defence News: Three terrorists were killed in an encounter with security forces on this morning in Nagaland’s Mon district. According to reports by ANI, a territorial army officer also lost his during the encounter. As per PTI, three terrorists of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN-K) and an Assam Rifles officer were killed in an […]

  • Defence News: GSLV 3 ready for lift


    Fast internet: GSLV III places heaviest satellite in orbit

    Defence news: More that just fast internet (which we will be getting for sure), GSLV III marks a new start for India. The high thrust indigenous cryogenic engine in it’s first developmental flight opened up the 4 tonne payload market for India to profit from. Cryogenic engine technology has finally been refined by ISRO and […]

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    Terrorists attack CRPF Camp, all 4 of them dead

    Defence News: 4 Terrorists killed when they attacked CRPF camp in Bandipora district of J&K. The militants were heavily armed carrying AK-47, grenades and other ammunition. They tried to attack the 45th battalion of CRPF around 3.45 am at the CPRF camp but instead got a well deserved end. The encounter lasted for around 45 […]

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    2 Jawans Martyred, 4 injured in Kashmir

    Defence News: An Indian Army convoy was attacked by militants, on the Srinagar-jammu national highway in Kulgram district. The convoy was moving from Udhampur to Srinagar when it was fired upon, reported ANI. The militants attacked the convoy near Lower Munda toll post in Anantnag’s Qazigund area of the district, 100 km from Srinagar, injuring […]