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    Trump wants to punish Pakistan, experts warn against

    Defence news: The Donald Trump administration has grown tired of pakistan’s support for terrorists, it’s backstabbing habits and extremist ways. The current US govt. is looking at options to punish pakistan with expanded drone strikes, exclusion from non-NATO ally status and stopping aid. Experts however have cautioned that in doing so, pakistan will be driven […]

  • defence news, India china border standoff 2017


    Faceoff in Sikkim after China intrudes, destroys Indian bunkers

    Defence News: The only thing stopping a war between India and China seems to be India’s patience and caution. Soldiers from both sides are currently in a face-off along the border in Sikkim after the chinese intruded into Indian territory, destroyed two bunkers and stopped a batch of pilgrims headed for the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Indian […]

  • DPS sirnagar attack- defence news, indian source of news on defence matters


    Militants holed up inside DPS school, Srinagar. Firefight on

    Defence News: Militants are holed up in DPS Srinagar, a firefight is currently on. “The exchange of firing between security forces and militants began at around 3.40 am and is going on intermittently, ” a police official said. The militants ran and hid inside the school building after attacking CRPF personnel who were on road […]

  • Prithvi 2 Indian defence news file photo


    Twin engine Prithvi-II Missile Tested Successfully at Chandipur

    Defence News: A sophisticated Indian tactical Prithvi-II missile capable of carrying 500-1000 kg warhead has been tested successfully from Chandipur, Odisha. The missile features liquid propelled twin engine configuration, guided by inertial systems and capable of maneuvering trajectory to avoid anti missile systems and enable target changes in flight. The advanced missile, which has a strike […]

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    One more millitant gunned down in infiltration bid

    Defence News: It’s raining some good news after all, one more worthless militant was killed while trying to cross over the LoC in Poonch sector. Army foiled an infiltration bid while being watchful of a desperate Pakistan trying to take advantage of summer months. Pakistan seem to have put in everything it’s got into it’s […]

  • Defence news indian army


    4 more terrorists killed in Rampur, J&K

    Defence News: Indian army today foiled another infiltration bid along the LoC. In Rampur sector search operations are still underway even as four terrorists have been gunned down. Trying to sneak in through the LoC in early hours, firefight started between the militants and Army. Summer months have brought with them infiltration attempts by Pakistan […]

  • Defence news india, kashmir soldiers walking back


    Two Pakistani BATs Killed by Indian Army

    Defence News: Indian Army killed two Pakistani BAT members today and recovered two bodies along with weapons including one AK 47 rifles and one pistol. Heavy gunfire exchange is currently underway as counter operations continue in the Uri Sector. This is after army foiled an infiltration bid along the Line of Control (LoC) in Uri. […]

  • defence news paf jet


    Pakistan dares India with obsolete jets in “show of strength”

    Defence News: Can you think of a street thug dangling a dagger to a gun wielding Solider? Well that analogy suits best to Pakistan flying it’s junked mirage fighters close to Siachen. No it’s not the capable Mirage 2000 but the Mirage III that has been long retired across the world. The Pakistani Air Staff […]

  • bofors-firing-indian-defence-news


    Army punishes Pakistan, Pounds and damages enemy border posts

    Defence News: Showing the resolve to punish terrorist and enemies trying to undermine national security, Indian army fired artillery salvo blasting temporary bunkers and shelters on mountain sides. This was an active mission by the army to decimate militants who were getting ready to cross the border. Traditionally it’s the Pakistani army that starts reckless […]

  • Defence-News-Indian-iran-Flag


    Iran fires motars into Pakistan!

    Defence News: Now Pakistan will have one more border to worry about. It’s time they started paying heavily for their love for terrorists. Mortar shells were fired into Pakistan’s territory from across the 900 km long porous Iranian border, reported Samaa TV. Pakistan promised to eliminate terrorists and boost intelligence with Iran on their borders […]

  • Defence News, Mi 35 firing ammunition


    Modi govt. getting ready for a full surgical operation on Pakistan?

    Defence News: Union minister Jitendra singh today dropped a hint at a round table conference. He said that the Govt. would do something very concrete and decisive in relation to cross border aggression by Pakistan. When reporters from various news agencies asked him if the Govt. is planning to reign in Pakistan at the border […]

  • Defence News india, NISAR satellite NASA ISRO


    NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite in the making

    Defence News: India and America are collaborating on a new front. NASA and ISRO are building a Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite which is an Earth imaging machine. From the times of sanctions when America used to think denying India technology will impede it’s progress to this time today. Today when India keeps its pace up […]

  • Barak-8-LRSAM-Indian-Defence-News-updates


    $630 mn order for deadly Indo-Israel Barak 8

    Defence News: Israel Aerospace Industries has released information about a new deal worth 630 million US dollars for arming four Indian Navy ships with the newly developed Long range Surface to Air Missile (LR-SAM) also known as Barak-8. The barak 8 has been developed in Medium range (MR-SAM) and long range (LR-SAM) by Israel Aerospace […]

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    3 Soldiers Martyred killing 4 terrorists but WHY?

    Defence News: The story is simple, Cornflakes making army generals in the neighborhood keep hiring unworthy, unemployed, brainwashed and illiterate men from the filth of PoK, which they have successfully created over the decades. They send them from the comfort of their chairs, while our Army pays the price to prevent the jokers from throwing […]

  • HAL AMCA Indian Defence News


    Indigenous AMCA jet may get a big boost

    Defence News: Ok, first the good news: Indian AMCA project may take off sooner than we expect. Why? because the Russians want a whole lot more money than what they asked for the FGFA. A huge 1,60,000 crore! Now that may tick off the fighter from IAF charts, atleast for co-development part. That has India […]

  • Defence-news-apache-gunships


    Army presses for Mini Airforce of it’s own

    Defence News: Not really a mini airforce as reported by most news agencies today but the army wants heavy duty attack helicopter squadrons it can command directly. The army wants three squadrons to be precise, of attack helicopters apart from all medium lift helicopters. Indian Airforce has opposed the proposal as they fear it may […]

  • Indian Defence news Mr. Jadhav


    Pakistan to change lawyers after Jadhav setback at ICJ

    Defence News: Indian lawyer Harish Salve gave the rouge nation so much worry, that they decided to replace Khawar qureshi. Qureshi was representing Pakistan in International court of justice. The ICJ accepting India’s plea, said Pakistan must not hang Jadhav until the court hears the matter in full and Islamabad must inform the ICJ of […]

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    20000 Tonnes of muscle for the Navy, four times over!

    Defence News: You might’ve heard the news earlier about the Navy being interested in LPD (landing platform Docks). Well the Indian Navy hopes to close the LDP contract this year. That should see four 20,000 tonnes behemoths sail out with pride from our own shipyards. “If all goes well, then the Navy is expected to close […]

  • Indias-Defence-News-Rafale-Induction-MMRCA


    Airforce preparing Rafale Jet for 2 front war scenario

    Defence News: Both China and Pakistan will find their airforces falling out of the skies in case of a war with India, if  the IAF orders  80-90 more Rafales. I will explain why. The French have started building the Rafale jets meant to be delivered to India, and Indian Airforce is already planning it’s deployment […]

  • Defence-news-IAF-Indian-Air-Force


    Was IAF Preparing for a war or just a drill?

    Defence news: Air Chief Marshal B.S. Dhanoa asked  the IAF commanders to prepare for short duration but intense wars with China and Pakistan as per a Deccan Chronicle news on April 30th. According to the report, the IAF has been asked to maintain a state of combat readiness for a possible 10 day war with […]