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    limited trials of F-16, Saab Gripen for IAF

    Defence News: IAF will soon be checking out revised and upgraded F-16 and Gripen jet fighters for making a final choice for it’s latest make in India single engine fighter procurement. The deal, seen essential in filling up squadron shortages should see rise in IAF fighting numbers to counter threats in both east and west. […]

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    Wreckage of missing Su-30 located near China border

    Defence News: The Su-30 Jet that went missing on May 23, has been found in heavily forested area, 60 Km from Tezpur airbase. There is no sign of survivors (pilots) yet. The Su30 took off at 9:30 am on Tuesday after which it went off the radar near Doulasang, Arunachal Pradesh, which is near China […]

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    Su-30 MKI fighter goes missing near China border, may have crashed

    Defence News: An IAF Su-30MKI fighter has gone missing and may have crashed as per IAF officials. The aircraft was on a routine training sortie near Tezpur (Assam) when it’s contact with radars went offline.  The plane had its compliment of 2 pilots. The birds are deployed in Assam’s Tezpur airbase to check Chinese aggression. […]

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    Airforce preparing Rafale Jet for 2 front war scenario

    Defence News: Both China and Pakistan will find their airforces falling out of the skies in case of a war with India, if  the IAF orders  80-90 more Rafales. I will explain why. The French have started building the Rafale jets meant to be delivered to India, and Indian Airforce is already planning it’s deployment […]

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    Was IAF Preparing for a war or just a drill?

    Defence news: Air Chief Marshal B.S. Dhanoa asked  the IAF commanders to prepare for short duration but intense wars with China and Pakistan as per a Deccan Chronicle news on April 30th. According to the report, the IAF has been asked to maintain a state of combat readiness for a possible 10 day war with […]

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    Tejas test fires BVR missile, Rushes towards FOC.

    Defence News: Tejas, our very own Indian light fighter has test fired a Beyond Visual Range (BVR) missile at Chandipur. This is towards demonstration and testing of weapons release in the Air to Air missile class. Various parameters like release mechanism, missile exhaust impact, weight drop and gas ingestion risk etc. were tested. The tests […]

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    Five upgrades that will make the SU-30MKI Invincible

    Defence News: The Su-30MKI has come to be the backbone of the airforce, but without intention. The heavy class fighter was to be the strike and air superiority machine of the IAF but plagued with low squadron strength, IAF kept on ordering more of the type and now it’s the mainstay. We try to look […]

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    We almost got the FGFA and it comes with a spanner!

    Defence News:  This is one deal we were watching with eager eyes and it has moved, saving us our breath! India and Russia are to finalize the detailed design agreement on the Gen-5 fighter known to us as FGFA and in Russia as T-50. (seen in the image below, it differs from the Indian version) […]

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    Airman found dead with gunshot injuries in Chennai

    Defence News: An Indian airforce airman was found shot dead at Tambaram airforce base on wednesday. 24 year old LAC Kulbir singh was on duty when he was shot dead. Kulbir was a weapons fitter. “He was spotted dead by another airman, who was supposed to relieve him from duty,” police said. Kulbir was transferred […]