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  • Prithvi 2 Indian defence news file photo


    Twin engine Prithvi-II Missile Tested Successfully at Chandipur

    Defence News: A sophisticated Indian tactical Prithvi-II missile capable of carrying 500-1000 kg warhead has been tested successfully from Chandipur, Odisha. The missile features liquid propelled twin engine configuration, guided by inertial systems and capable of maneuvering trajectory to avoid anti missile systems and enable target changes in flight. The advanced missile, which has a strike […]

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    Rumors on Agni-5s range go viral

    Defence News: Indian and Chinese defence experts have commented on Agni-5’s range, claiming that India has been under-stating it’s strike range. The claimed 5000 KM range is an eyewash according to many. India has disclosed the range of the deadly and precise missile but DRDO did not make an immediate statement after it’s test. They […]

  • Indian Defence News, Brahmos missile


    Jabalpur to now produce BrahMos missiles

    Defence news: Indian desi bofors gun manufacturing Jabalpur may be the next location for manufacture of Bramhos tri-sonic tactical cruise missiles. A team from Brahmos project visited several sites in Jabalpur for a feasability study related to setting up a production facility. 70 to 100 hectare land is required for the purpose, according to various […]

  • Agni defence news; Indian medium missile


    Agni 2 missile test suffers technical fault

    Defence News: Indian missile Agni 2 seemed to have developed a snag 500 meters in flight. The test was a failure as the missile swayed past it’s trajectory and the test had to be aborted just after the launch. The Agni 2 missile has a range of 2000-3000 kilometers and such a failure may most […]