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    Why Pakistan may start a war with India this year

    Defence News Opinion: Do you feel the desperation with which Pakistan has been trying; to unsettle the Kashmir issue and do whatever damage to India in whichever way possible? Every expert today is aware of this itchiness in Pakistan’s establishment. An attack every now and them, efforts to push in militants have hit a new […]

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    Pakistan dares India with obsolete jets in “show of strength”

    Defence News: Can you think of a street thug dangling a dagger to a gun wielding Solider? Well that analogy suits best to Pakistan flying it’s junked mirage fighters close to Siachen. No it’s not the capable Mirage 2000 but the Mirage III that has been long retired across the world. The Pakistani Air Staff […]

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    Indigenous AMCA jet may get a big boost

    Defence News: Ok, first the good news: Indian AMCA project may take off sooner than we expect. Why? because the Russians want a whole lot more money than what they asked for the FGFA. A huge 1,60,000 crore! Now that may tick off the fighter from IAF charts, atleast for co-development part. That has India […]

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    Encircle India, Really?

    Defence News (opinion): Beijing’s “String of Pearls” strategy, as well as its unofficial agenda to encircle India through its arch-rival Pakistan was sort of a reliable, go-to solution China thinks it still has. Thinkers, strategists and military experts believe that China will effectively do what it’s out to do: Contain India. China’s “Contain India” dream […]