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Defence News: Ok, this is ironic, China which just banned religion for it’s 90 million members of communist party claims that India is edging towards war due to “religious nationalism”. It’s full time propaganda machine is pumping up the media in churning out desperate news articles and editorials calling the Modi govt. incapable of controlling conservatives. This could of course lead to war according to them.

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So the story is, that China started out with testing Indian patience in the early 2000s with border intrusions and territory squatting. Now they sure drew some statistics on how India would react to China gobbling up strategic or for that matter non strategic parts of lands that belongs to India or it’s protected neighbors, so China could satisfy it’s hunger for land as well as strategic edge. But now when they put the papers down and started practicing the theory, things did not turn out the way they wanted. India did not turn out so meek suddenly, and even Bhutan protested, which was supposed to be silent to encroachment of it’s territory. In effect China’s medicine had failed despite promising lab results and successful clinical trials.

So the frustration leads to media excitement and some live firing exercises meant to prove to it’s own soldiers that despite their short service life in mandatory military service and low physical standards, the couch happy PLA can still win wars. Thanks to excellent military infrastructure that is.

Indeed the infrastructure is brilliant by any standard, excellent rail and road links, great dumps of ammunition, hoards of fighter jets and missiles, all pointed towards India. I would not go into strategic detail about how Tibet has been armed to the teeth or what the new Chinese force structures imply. Sure it is relevant and sure I have considered what they could do with it. But the truth is that China is famous for double talk and on one hand it wants its CPEC to be joined by India, sell goods to India (read dump) and on the other, it wants us to be meek and give it all the territory it wants.

China forgets one rule of this world that stands true through history, money alone does not win wars. If anything, riches are a magnet to doom. Traders like China should not think about wars and India is a land of saints and warriors at the same time. A rail and road is but just a link, a jugular vein, easy to snap. More equipment does not mean an edge, not implying that India does not have any. An inexperienced army which has not seen much blood and is more dependent on luxuries of walking down a car on nicely made roads all the way to the border cannot hope to win over battle hardened, professional and a dedicated force that fights to it’s last breath despite all the bells and whistles.

This is one big reason India will not bulge, Sushma Swaraj just bust the myth that the enemy may be harboring. This news piece is quoted below:

Terming Beijing’s recent actions as threat to India’s security, Swaraj told the Rajya Sabha that India as a country is capable of defending itself against China. Swaraj’s response came after Samajwadi Party’s Naresh Agrawal raised the Doklam standoff issue and asked if other countries are with India. To this, the EAM said that every nation is supporting India. “We are involved in tri-junction this time and its directly related to us, if china will change that.. that is threat to our security, all countries are supporting us,” she said. — quote ends

China should stop fooling itself and sit and think about why it wants to encroach upon the lands of this great country when it has been proven that the Indian soldier has inflicted it disproportionate losses in battles. Just ending a war in stale mate which was forced upon India when India did not want to fight China does not mean India will not fight it with full effort this time. Because if we have to fight the Chinese this time, not only china will loose it’s economy, but it’s honor and self respect at the least.

Written by Naroop Desai

Naroop Desai loves India and loves to write on defence matters. He has blogged on different subjects at different time. Now he is here with us, sharing his insights on strategy and peace. He is a PG in mass communications.

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