India Pakistan border to be ‘smart fenced’ by March 2018: BSF chief

Defence News: Sealing borders with Pakistan is on India’s target by 2018 according to BSF Chief K K Sharma has said. Current fencing is surely helping reduce infiltration, without which we could not have imagined how many militants would sneak in undetected. However it has it’s own limitations, hence a smart fence with complete sensor package is required, sensors that work 24 hours, all weather and even in the ground. This will also help detect dug up tunnels, that the cowards use to cross over into Indian territory.

Defence news India-Pakistan border in Wagah. (AFP photo)
India-Pakistan border in Wagah. (AFP photo)

Time of India reports (full article here):

NEW DELHI: Sealing the Indian border with Pakistan+ is an immediate “priority” and a smart technology-aided fence will be in place along the Jammu sector by March next year, the BSF chief said on Wednesday.

Border Security Force DG K K Sharma, in the same breath, added that as the country’s relations with its eastern neighbour Bangladesh are “very good” at present, a similar plan to make the Indo-Bangla border impregnable would be taken up once the “resources” are available.

“My priority is Pakistan, as anything that happens here (along the Indo-Pak border), has grave consequences. We are working to ensure complete sealing of this border and make it more fortified,” the Director General said on sidelines of an event to announce the ‘BSF half marathon for martyrs’ to be held in October this year.

“We are implementing a comprehensive integrated border management (CBIM) plan and are running a pilot project to make our international border (IB) along Pakistan secure+ ,” he said.

This project will be in place in the Jammu sector (of the IB) by March next year, Sharma said.

Asked if there were any similar plans for the 4,096-km long India-Bangladesh border, the DG replied “it is a question of priority”.

Both the governments of India and Bangladesh have good relations and the ties between the BSF and its counterpart Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) are also at an all-time high, the DG said.

“We are also conducting simultaneous coordinated patrolling wit the BGB … once we have the resources (after completing the border sealing task with Pakistan), we will do it on the eastern side,” Sharma said.

The BSF DG’s statement comes in variance with that of Union home minister Rajnath Singh who has earlier said that the Assam portion of the Indo-Bangla border (about 200kms) will be completely sealed by the first half of 2018.

He added that the challenges of guarding these large borders on the two flanks of the country are very “dynamic” and hence the security requirements keep changing and nothing can be said to be adequate.

“We are modernizing our equipment and the Indo-Pak border will be more fortified by the use of advanced technology. What we keep doing, I am sure, will have to be followed by my successor even,” he said.

TOI Excerpt ends.

It is evident that the task is humongous as the border is long and runs through different types of terrain at different places. However the expected results are very much desirable. It should lower infiltration and help boost surveillance at the same time. Adding more electronics and sensor packages will boost moral and reduce surveillance fatigue and cost too. Reduction in casualties is an unmeasurable benefit we should get out of this deployment. India should also install ground based AESA systems instead of it’s classic over the horizon radars to boost air security, also the Isreali iron dome can help protect populated areas.


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