No let up in Chinese aggression, Bhutan issues demarche to China

Defence News: Bhutan issued a demarche to China as it’s territory too along with India’s is under occupation by the Chinese. The demarche was issued over the construction of road towards it’s army camp in Doklam. Bhutan has asked China to restore status quo and immediately cease work on the road. Meanwhile India has not issued any official statement over cancellation of Mansarovar yatra through Nathu-La.

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A high level meeting was held in Wednesday, it is expected that the Army chief will be visiting the border state of Sikkim to see what’s going on with the stand off between Indian and Chinese soldiers. The meeting was attended by Home ministry, Army and ITBP where they have said to try and make sense of the tense situation on the border. China had destroyed an old bunker of Indian army at the tri junction area of India, china and Bhutan, after Indian army refused to remove that structure. China has been blaming India on crossing boundary into china and interfering with road construction. India had earlier objected to the  road that China is building towards Bhutan. Chinese claimed at that time that they were constructing the road within their territory.

Business standard reported (read full page here):

On Tuesday, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said in response to a  question that delineation of China’s boundary with India at Sikkim was based on a 127-year-old treaty signed between the Qing empire and Great Britain – the Anglo-Chinese Convention of 1890.
“Both China and the successive Indian governments recognize that the Sikkim section has been delimited. It has been confirmed by the Indian leader, the relevant Indian government document and the Indian delegation at the special representatives’ meeting with China on the boundary question that India and China share [a] common view on the 1890 convention’s stipulation on the boundary alignment at the Sikkim section. To observe the relevant convention and document is the inescapable international obligation of the Indian side,” said Lu.
On this question, there is no disagreement from the Indian side. According to Ranjit S. Kalha, a former Indian secretary of the external affairs ministry and one of South Block’s old ‘China hands’, “the Sikkim-Tibet sector of the boundary has already been negotiated under the Anglo-Chinese Convention of 1890 and demarcated in 1895.”
“The Chinese ministry of foreign affairs, in its note of 26 December 1959 addressed to the embassy of India, confirmed the position by stating that ‘the boundary between China and Sikkim has long been formally delimited and there is neither any discrepancy between the maps nor any disputes in practice,” Kalha wrote last month in Mint, responding to media reports about the Chinese ambassador in Delhi’s “strangest” proposal for “early demarcation of the Sikkim-Tibet boundary.”

It’s only evident who is at fault here. Even a smaller country like Bhutan which is quite peaceful has issues with China. We have seen Chinese habits in the east china sea and other parts of the world. China is expansionist and greedy. They do not let any stone un-turned and have been nibbling away territory kilometer by kilometer. What used to be Indian land is in chinese hands today. Aksai chin, parts of uttaranchal, small parts of northeastern states and the entire country of Tibet which it has illegally occupied (yet the world fails to see). Taiwan dispute and a whole lot of illegally occupied territories, why do they just happen with China? It’s simple, it’s a greedy communist country with expansionist designs. Even Pakistan is now falling to china as it’s colony. Come crisis, they will grab away that land with military action justifying it with their need for protecting their “economic interests”. They will also rope in kashmir if conditions are ripe.  Lu repeated China’s assertion that Donglang – which he called Doklam – was part of Chinese territory “since ancient times and it doesn’t belong to Bhutan”.

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The world and India needs to realize there is no reason to hesitate, China’s smoke and mirrors policy is inflated chest thumping and is hollow. yes they have got a big military, but India can counter them without doubt. India needs to give a strong message and teach it a lesson. A lesson the Chinese think they can teach India. Experts are not yet informed about true Indian capabilities and let that be so, I will say just so much. China has to understand that it cannot win a war with India and cannot bully India either. India should drop the hesitation and ally with other world powers to check the Rogue bully. Military build up has to come faster, that goes without saying.

Written by Baldeva Singh

Baldeva Singh is a tough talking nationalist who has a flair for writing. Defence matters, technical details on weapons and war scenarios are his key expert areas. Baldev is known to walk the talk in his personal life. He is from Patiala (Punjab). His friends call him a "blunt weapon" but he is often found reading old books when free!

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