Airman found dead with gunshot injuries in Chennai


Defence News: An Indian airforce airman was found shot dead at Tambaram airforce base on wednesday. 24 year old LAC Kulbir singh was on duty when he was shot dead. Kulbir was a weapons fitter. “He was spotted dead by another airman, who was supposed to relieve him from duty,” police said. Kulbir was transferred to Tambaram airbase in march. Police is investigating the case and looking for clues and motives. The strange incident leads to various questions. Who would shoot the airman is a mystery, starting from someone with personal enmity to a spy shooting and scooting (after being caught red handed) there could be any number of root causes for this incident. As the airman was new to this base it is hard to believe personal motive as the motive. Police is said to be taking extra care about investigations as this concerns national security.

Security at airbases have been raised and airbases and military installations are supposed to be more secure after Uri and Pathankot attacks. Apparently it was a miss in this case. CCTV and advanced sensor surveillance is common for today’s facilities and even homes. It is yet to be seen when multi sensors and high tech cameras/trackers are installed at every military installation in our country where upgrades are marred due to high costs and lack of political will.

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Written by Baldeva Singh

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