BSF Shoots down Pakistani intruder

Defence News: Early Morning on Monday, India’s Border security force shot down a Pakistani intruder while he was marching towards Indian border. He was not paying heeds to repeated warning that were given by the BSF. BSF is trying to identify the intruder. This incident took place in Punjab’s Gurdaspur sector.


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BSF personnel spotted some suspicious movement near the fence along the Indo-Pak border, a BSF official said. Talking about if something was recovered from the spot where the Pakistani was shot, he said the search in the area is going on. The identity of the intruder is being verified. Pakistan has resorted to shelling in civilian and military areas apart from forward posts since many days. They are firing mortars and this has led to two people being killed and another three being wounded.

News reports indicate 10,000 families have been displaced and lived of people near the border have been effected. Only last week Indian Army foiled an infiltration attempt in Baramulla district in Kashmir. While there have been 50 attempts of infiltration, 15 have succeeded. There has been quite a lot of desperation from Pakistan to raise Kashmir issue internationally and destabilize the region at the same time. The number of terrorists that managed to get into the Indian territory is not known.

It’s looks like the Pakistani army is finding hard to justify all the resources it consumes as it’s massive resource leeching drags the general public into hardships. Funds are diverted from civilian use towards military. A war or war like situation has to be maintained in order to justify the Army gobbling up everything.

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