Car bomb explosion near Indian embassy in Kabul: 50 killed or hurt

Defence News | May 31st, Kabul: A powerful car bomb detonated near Indian embassy in Kabul ripped the peaceful diplomatic quarters. 50 people have been killed or wounded, while reports flow in from the tragic site. Officials at Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi said all staff at Indian embassy were safe. Currently number of dead and wounded are unknown, 50 is a sum total estimate given by various sources.

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While there are reports that people are being rushed to Kabul hospitals in dozens, no one currently has a true estimate of the casualties. The blast was so powerful it smashed the window panes of buildings nearby. A high smoke plume could be seen from a long distance. The fortified German embassy gate is where the blast has happened according to police sources. There are lot of important compounds and offices near the area. The presidential palace and several embassies are located here.

No organization took immediate responsibility however ISIS has claimed responsibility for recent blasts in Afghan capital, one of which involved bombing of NATO convoy where 8 people were killed and 28 were wounded on May 3rd. The Indian embassy did not seem to be the target but it’s very near the site. Pakistan has been very desperate to counter Indian influence and involvement in Afghanistan. It may not come as a surprise if Indian embassy was targeted and the operation had to be diverted on a possible last minute change of plans by the terrorists. Kabul has come under waves of attack and faced a lot of casualties in the first quarter of 2017.

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