INS Mumbai & INS Aditya arrive in Egypt

Defence News: Indian Navy Ship (INS) Mumbai and INS Aditya arrived in Alexandria, Egypt on Friday. Delhi-class guided-missile destroyer INS Mumbai and INS Aditya (Aditya class replenishment and repair ship) are here to engage with the Egyptian Navy for a 3 day stay in the harbor.

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Image: Indian Navy

Both India and Egypt are looking to further defence co-operation and bilateral ties in areas of maritime security. Considering Somali pirate activity and other security issues, Indian Navy has been increasing it’s footing in this region. Indian ocean region has witnessed increased patrolling and assistance (to merchants and fishermen) besides helping with hydro-graphic surveys. China has also been increasing it’s activities in this region in order to secure it’s energy supply lines and boost it’s influence in the region. The PLAN is slowly coming out of it’s coastal avatar and trying to get blue water capability of some sort. Despite recent strides with it’s aircraft carrier which is still good at only coastal defence she can not yet match developed countrie’s or Indian Navy in their blue water capabilities. India has a proved Blue water navy which has proved itself in disaster management and other blue water deployments for exercises as well as anti piracy missions.

“The current deployment into the Mediterranean will contribute towards the Indian Navy’s efforts to consolidate inter operability and forge strong bonds of friendship across the seas,” the navy told PTI.

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