Jabalpur to now produce BrahMos missiles

Defence news: Indian desi bofors gun manufacturing Jabalpur may be the next location for manufacture of Bramhos tri-sonic tactical cruise missiles. A team from Brahmos project visited several sites in Jabalpur for a feasability study related to setting up a production facility. 70 to 100 hectare land is required for the purpose, according to various news sources. According to Times of India: District collector Jabalpur, Mahesh Chandra Chaudhary confirmed about the visit of officials to survey land. “A senior officer connected with the BrahMos project visited the city. They need 70 to 100 acre of land for setting up a BrahMos unit in Jabalpur. They also surveyed some land but the exact spot for the construction of the factory has not been finalized. The final word depends on the project team and whether they find the place suitable,” Chaudhary told TOI.

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Expected to create 10,000 direct and indirect jobs, this project can be a boon for local economy too. Senior leaders of the state are also taking a keen interest and are trying to get the missile production unit established in Jabalpur. The highly effective 155mm gun long-range artillery gun ‘Dhanush’, was showcased for the first time at the Republic Day parade in New Delhi. It is manufactured by Jabalpur-based Gun Carriage Factory (GCF) at a cost of about Rs 14.50 crore a piece. Dhahush is an upgraded version of the battle proven Swedish bofors gun that decimated enemy positions in the Kargil war. So terrible was the effect of the weapon on enemy that they were found dead with damaged ear drums.

MTCR and Brahmos (for the uninitiated):

The Brahmos is a tri-sonic (three times the speed of sound) missile that holds the world record for speed, it’s range is 450 km (280 mi; 240 nmi) To be upgraded to 600 km (370 mi; 320 nmi) soon. The upgrade in range is a recent feature as India was not part of MTCR (Missile Technology Control Regime). India just joined that club which removes restrictions for Moscow and allows it to go full steam in the Brahmos JV. MTCR is an informal and voluntary partnership among 35 countries to prevent the proliferation of missile and unmanned aerial vehicle technology capable of carrying above 500 kg payload for more than 300 km.

Export Interests:

A lot of countries are keen to get their hands on Brahmos as it’s deadly accuracy and unstoppable speed is almost non-defensible by CIWS systems on board ships and airport defence systems on land. This move can be seen as an effort to fill in new regiments at home and get the missile production up to speed for exports. The new make in India and defence export initiative by current government is acting as a catalyst to defence export and manufacturing in the Indian heartland.

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