Why Pakistan may start a war with India this year

Defence News Opinion: Do you feel the desperation with which Pakistan has been trying; to unsettle the Kashmir issue and do whatever damage to India in whichever way possible? Every expert today is aware of this itchiness in Pakistan’s establishment. An attack every now and them, efforts to push in militants have hit a new level of high with Pakistan. Efforts to internationalize everything, as if they are not aware of their own credibility. Really desperate efforts by PM Nawaz sharif to raise Kashmir issue in UN. Pakistani army going bonkers over surgical strikes, border post targeting and even the Pakistani Chiefs warning India and how they can teach us a lesson. Times have never been so low for Pakistan. It may be foolish enough to start a war this year, read why….

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Pakistan has one motive to survive: It’s hate and obsession with India. What else to do? India is successful, vibrant, culturally rich country and Pakistan based on it’s two nation theory has failed as a state. The two nation theory has failed real bad and the Pakistan army has a country now that cannot sustain it.

Here are the reasons why Pakistan may start a war with India in 2017:

1. Jealousy and failure: Pakistan is jealous of India and has failed as a state. India is what Pakistan wanted to be, but it is not, thanks to it’s extreme Islamic ideologies. Single religion and hardliner stance combined can never have peace, Pakistan could never attain what secular India has.

2. Failing economy: No body wants to invest in Pakistan, yes there is the China factor, but Chines greased the Pakistani politicians and army generals to literally buy the nation. Huge loans on unreasonable terms will see Pakistan further slide away in debt and bankruptcy. They have been raising loans to repay loans, CPEC will never benefit them as it is a loss making deal from the go. Hungry Pakistanis will find it hard to fill their plates, so in frustration focus will come down to blaming someone, and it’s always India.

3. Political corruption: In order to avoid prosecution and divert attention from scams like panama, political leaders in Pakistan will want to start a war and escape to Europe where their kids are already settled or studying. Most Corrupt Pakistani politicians have invested in properties abroad as they know there is no future in Pakistan. Starting a war and getting away with it seem easy way to avoid prosecution for them.

5. Relevance of the Army: Army wants to be in relevance in Pakistan and a war will ensure their unchallenged leeching of limited resources that country has. This will also keep the Army relevant and stay in business. Without hate for India, Pakistan has not much reason to keep such a large army that consumes it to it’s bones.

6. Keeping fake sense of Nationalism alive: Pakistanis have begun to question their two nation theory and have been dissatisfied to what the nation has achieved. Only hate for India is what keeps them together. This common hate can cement the country’s nationalistic feelings together. So to prevent the country from breaking apart any time now, Pakistan can attempt a foolish solution: war with India.

7. No cultural identity: Pakistan has no cultural identity, they fail to realize that they are part of Indian DNA, they were forceably converted by Invaders to Islam and that they are not from a foreign soil. They fail to see they are Punjabis, Sindis etc. They are so delusional that they say they are sons and daughters of Arabs. Arabs who have nothing to do with them other than that they were once ruled by Arab invaders. They mark Arabs as their heroes, heroes who were barbaric murderers. This ideology has hollow ground and the hollowness that arises in their selves due to this, this identity crisis leads them to be highly unstable. Instability leads to war!

8. Nuclear blackmail: Pakistan thinks it has nukes and India will not go to war due to them being there. This is an illusion. India has the will and the way to end Pakistan’s story and the only reason we don’t do that is our empathy for it’s population. Nukes will not be able to save Pakistan, a pre-emptive strike combined with a backup of missile defence will ensure most nukes go out of service. A hit or 2 at India is a risk we can take, as Pakistan has grown to be a bigger problem than a one time nuclear strike. So Pakistan can fool itself in attacking and escalating skirmishes to war with India, thinking India will not retaliate.

Last but the biggest reason:

9. India’s Defence modernization: India is currently modernizing it’s defences but currently we have low squadron count, low submarine numbers and retirement of one aircraft carrier. A whole lot of defence upgrades are coming up, this will make India one of the most powerful military muscle of the world. A solid defence industrial complex will propel India into a weapons exporter rather than Importer. Pakistan sees the current deficit as a window of opportunity for an attack, before it becomes impossible to win over India.


Will a war with India really help Pakistan?

A nuclear Pakistan thinks it can win a war with India, at least it’s generals do. Living in this fake sense of pride and pomp is what has brought Pakistan disaster every time it attacked India and lost (another story that they thought they won every time!). According to foreign observers, Pakistan is obsessed with India. Former NSA Richard clark even went on to say “Pakistani’s are pathological liars.” They live in a dream of their own. They think they can defeat India, some morons there even talk about raising Islamic flag over New delhi when a war breaks out. Despite the fact that a war will bring an end to Pakistan this time, they never learn. They will not just be torn apart in tiny fragments but this will lead to a big humanitarian crisis.

What should India do?

India has a problem, we think too much about others. If a war breaks out, we need to think about ourselves. We should give Pakistan what it’s looking for, a well deserved punishment that removes the state of Pakistan from the map of this world. Absorb what’s our historical land and make Baluchistan as an independent country. We will then see a beautiful neighborhood with prosperous Baluchistan, Afghanistan and a very health Human index going up in all spheres. The root of evil will thus be out, despite the price we may have to pay. This will usher this part of the world in a golden age.

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Written by Naroop Desai

Naroop Desai loves India and loves to write on defence matters. He has blogged on different subjects at different time. Now he is here with us, sharing his insights on strategy and peace. He is a PG in mass communications.

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