Two M777 Guns to arrive today

Defence News: Two BAE M777 Howitzers will land in India today, ahead of schedule. These guns were supposed to come in June, however BAE has done a great job building them sooner. Burying the bofors ghost, the army is to get modern 155mm artillery decades after the bofors was inducted in the 1980s.  The ultra light howitzers, acquired under the $737 million deal signed up with the US in a Govt. to Govt. deal, will fasten up come March 2019.

Image: BAE

Defence sources on Wednesday said the two howitzers, which will come in a chartered aircraft from the UK, will be taken to the Pokhran ranges for testing and “compilation of the firing tables” for subsequent use. “The firing tables, with the guns being tested for different kinds of Indian ammunition with bi-modular charges, will take some time to be formulated,” said a source.

“Five guns will then be delivered every month till all 145 are inducted by June 2021. While the first 25 guns will be imported, the rest 120 will be assembled in India as artillery-manufacturer BAE Systems has selecting Mahindra as its business partner here,” he further added.

India joins the U.S., Canadian, and Australian forces in gaining the proven pedigree of the M777, which delivers rapid reaction capability and decisive and responsive firepower in sustained combat conditions. The gun can be airlifted in battle in harsh terrain to face China or Pakistan in the Himalayas. M777 is primarily meant for China and forms the artillery core for the new strike corps
We just posted the M777, weapons on Indian army and you can also read about the L&T partnership for Vajra. These two artillery systems have given the army much needed respite and firepower. For the army it was cannibalization of bofors all this way, now those days are numbered. It’s just some more time before main field artillery starts getting replenished with Indian made guns from DRDO and private players. These 155 mm guns will be better and fire further, thanks to longer caliber developed in house.

Written by Vikram Aryan

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